Temporary hair loss is probably the most obvious change that your treatments may cause. You may lose all of your hair or your hair may simply get a little thinner. You may also lose your eyebrows and eye lashes. During this time, use a gentle shampoo and avoid any chemical hair treatments such as perms or coloring.

If you are interested in learning about wigs and the many styles available to you, come see us prior to starting your treatments. We can help you select a wig – matching your current style or help you find a new style you’d like to try. The most important consideration is finding a style that is most flattering to you and makes you feel most like yourself. We will cut and style your wig to ensure the most natural look.

We also provide a list of instructions/tips for you on properly caring for your wig; whether it be synthetic or real! Check out our blog here for more information!

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