Types of Wigs: Human Hair vs. Synthetic

Wig 101: Basic Facts & Information to Help You Choose a Wig

Choosing a wig during your chemotherapy treatment can be a daunting process. At Patricia and Company we want to help guide you in choosing a great new wig and a new look. Our expert, Patricia Queeney has put together some basics on the different types of wigs available.


Types of Wigs:

Not all wigs are the same. Cap construction determines the cost and quality of a wig. There are two types of wigs: human hair & synthetic

Synthetic Wigs

Typically a machine made cap, synthetic wigs are the least costly. There are three main types of caps for wigs using synthetic materials: Open Cap, Traditional Cap, and Monofilament Cap. New to the market, there are also Heat Defiant synthetic wigs available that allow for heat styling.

The Open Cap is exactly as it says, this does not allow full coverage and the scalp can in fact be viewed.  This type of cap would be sufficient for someone whose hair is just thinning, however not for someone who is undergoing chemotherapy or brain radiation therapy and will experience total hair loss.

Traditional Cap provides maximum coverage with a full lace crown so not to see the scalp but often looking somewhat matted, and is a much heavier wig.  In most cases these are made of Acrylic fibers from Japan, and manufactured in Indonesia.

A Monofilament Cap is also made of Acrylic fibers but is far more superior since it is a hand tied crown and it is actually sewn one stitch of material at a time. This provides a sheer cap which will give the illusion of the hair coming directly out of the scalp, providing an extremely natural look. In some cases there are wigs that are 100% hand tied sides and back, as well as crown.  As a result of all the extra work put into the making of these high quality wigs, it does increase the price.  (This would be the type of wig I would highly recommend for someone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy to the head.)

Heat Defiant Wigs are rather new to the market.  Because of the fibers used the manufacturer claims that heat styling can be used on these wigs, such things as hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Despite their appeal, the synthetic fibers used are dull, and the colors are limited.  In my experience, these wigs just don’t hold up.  The first time they are washed the fibers can become very uncontrollable.

Human Hair

There is always the opportunity to get a Human Hair wig,  but to be completely honest, they are 3 times heavier than an synthetic wig, and requires much more maintenance. By that I mean Wash, Blow Dry & Curl, which requires bolting a canvas head to the table to stabilize the wig for styling, and then attempt to bring the original style back. There are so many different types of hair used that you really need a professional stylist to control it, even if Remy Hair is being used, and Remy hair would be considered the better quality. These wigs should be professionally cleaned and styled, since it is so much more difficult than the average person can handle. The cost factor for these wigs is extremely high compared to synthetic wigs and the lesser quality human hair wig would be starting at about $1,000.

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