Warmer Weather Wig Tips: Keep Your Hair Off Your Neck

Stay A’head’ of the Heat with Our Tips for Warmer Weather Wig Wearing

Warmer Weather Wig Tips: Do I Need A Different Wig For The Warmer Weather?

In the upcoming months, be aware that the heat, humidity and sweat can cause your hair stick to your face and neck causing some discomfort. Consider some short hair styling options to help keep cool in the spring and summer! Short hair is the best during the warmer months because it keeps the hair off the back of your neck. If you can’t stand to give up the long hair look, we have some tips for you as well.

Short hairstyles are great for summer, and they are very much in style. Not only does a cute bob cut make you look trendy and chic, but it also lets your skin breathe. There are many short hair wig styles to choose from.

  • Consider the Full Fringe look with tons of layers and textured bangs for a high volume style.
  • Feeling bold? How about a Pixie Cut style for your next wig? This cut is tapered close around the ears and neck but kept longer and feminine on top, giving you a chic look as well as comfortable during the heat.

If you don’t want to buy a new wig and you want to work with the long hairstyle that you have, consider styling your wig to stay cool.

  • Traditional up-dos that are higher on the head don’t necessarily work with wigs. Consider elegant side braids or a low up-do to keep the hair out of your face and swept off your neck.

For any length style you’re looking for, we recommend synthetic hair wigs for the warmer months. They require less styling and care in the heat and humidity.

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