Lymphedema, also known as “Lymphatic Obstruction”, is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling. This condition is typically caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Although not all breast cancer patients will get Lymphedema, there are some preventative measures you should take after having the lymphatic nodes removed.

  1. Do not have blood pressure taken or have blood drawn on the arm that has had nodes removed.
  2. Keep nails and skin clean and cared for to prevent infection.  Treat small cuts or breaks in the skin with an antibacterial ointment.
  3. When getting a manicure, remember to tell them not to cut your cuticles or use a nail drill.
  4. When flying, it is highly recommended that you get measured properly for a compression sleeve and wear it an hour before the flight, during the flight and an hour after the flight before you take it off. This is simply a precaution due to the change in the cabin pressure.

At Patricia and Company, we are always working to serve you better. This past April, Patricia Queeney renewed her certification as an advanced compression fitter at the Advanced Fitters Seminar for Lymphedema hosted by JUZO in Boston, MA.

Our unique shop offers a wealth of knowledge and product inventory for patients undergoing treatments for ailments such as Lymphedema, and other oncology and cancer treatments and surgeries. We offer private consultations in a comfortable environment and want to help make you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

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