Caring for your Skin

During chemotherapy and radiation therapy your skin may become dry and sensitive. To care for your skin:

Chemotherapy Skin Care

If you notice that you are experiencing very dry skin, you should wash your face with mild soap and cleansing creams and use only lukewarm water, never hot. A good moisturizer is very important at this time. You should pay special attention to the area around your eyes. Also, a chap stick or lip balm may be needed.

Radiation Therapy Skin Care

It is extremely important that you do not wash off any marks that your doctor or radiotherapist may have applied to your skin. Eventually these marks will fade away. Use only warm water on the treatment area and gently pat dry. Avoid exposing that area to direct sunlight. Check with your doctor before using lotions or sunscreen on that area, as heavy lotions may leave a coating on your skin that may interfere with your treatment. If your skin feels irritated after treatments, a doctor recommended moisturizer can be used.