Best Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients

At Patricia and Company we are committed to being a resource and support system during your radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and understand that your skin care needs are unique to you. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but unfortunately causes dry, irritated skin in addition to other unwanted side effects, such as hair loss, dry skin, and brittle nails.

Jean’s Cream

best skin care for cancer patients

Jean’s Cream is a product we’re proud to carry for our customers. We find it is great for use during radiation and treatment to help prevent radiation burns and also help soothe the skin. Their skin therapy regimen reduces redness in the skin and gives patients comfort from dry, irritable skin. Developed by a two-time breast cancer survivor, we have found that this regimen truly makes a difference to anyone going through treatments.

“ Created by a two-time breast cancer survivor, this rich, smooth cream uses a  unique, high potency, top quality vitamin and plant extract blend to help soothe the skin. Jeans Cream is doctor approved and recommended at premier hospitals around the U.S.” –

Don’t wait until after the symptoms start. Skin care should be proactive. By taking action before beginning chemotherapy, patients can reduce the effects chemo has on their skin. We recommend starting a regimen a week before your treatment starts, and continue throughout the process.

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